Centre Director

Belinda Smith is the founder & director of The Yakira Centre. She is a woman that understands how life can be busy, complicated or just simply messy at times. However, experience as a Qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist she has gained first-hand knowledge of what a safe space can do.

This led to her desire to have an organisation that facilitated a place where people could come and just 'BE'


Belinda has more than a decade of counselling & therapeutic experience that covers a vast range of issues, from mental health, to relationships and personal development. What makes her a little unique is that she believes counselling should be truly affordable and available to all individual adults 18 years and over. Her aim is to ensure that all clients feel they have the utmost support from their counsellor in a place where they don’t feel like they have to pretend. 

Belinda specialises in change, and the more honest we are about our journey and with our struggles, the more opportunity there is to see true change in our lives.