relationship difficulties- counselling
depression - couselling
work-related issues-counslling
bereavement - counselling
life changes / life crisis- counselling
Anxiety - counselling
identity issues - counselling
low self-esteem & confidence - counselling

"Where Talking

Makes The Difference"

Nurture Your Emotional Health



The Yakira Centre

We are dedicated to the emotional wellness of women from all backgrounds and ages.

We believe in building worth and transforming lives through our low cost and affordable counselling & personal development services. 

We offer a safe confidential space where you can discuss your feelings and thoughts about anything in your life that may be difficult, uncomfortable, confusing or painful without fear of judgement.

We also provide additional services such as issue based workshops and personal development/therapeutic groups.


We provide individual counselling sessions for women 18+ to explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a safe space. Whether it's short term or long-term therapy needed, this time will allow you to address particular issues that may be difficult to process or it can give you space to take a deeper look at something from your past or present that is keeping you stuck.


We provide group therapy as a useful way for people to meet others experiencing similar concerns. Together with the counsellor and the other group members you will be encouraged to share your experiences and work on understanding yourself better in the here and now. The group environment will help with addressing your concerns and making positive changes in your life.


Personal development, Mental Health and Well-being Workshops - A series of workshops that are specifically aimed at supporting service users and informing them of key issues that are prevalent and relevant in our current climate i.e. loneliness, stress, sexual exploitation, mental health issues – self harming/depression etc.