Our Services


The Yakira Centre offers low cost and affordable counselling for women who need therapeutic support.

We support our clients in moving forward with a sense of direction, confidence, clarity and inspiration. Our counsellors here will work with you to tap into your hidden resources, skills, inner strength and capabilities in order to address your concerns and make forward in your truth.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and will usually be held on a weekly basis at a set time. 


Counselling fees are charged on a sliding scale basis and are charged from

£35 to £55  for a daytime or evening appointment

Payment is taken at each session by debit/credit card or cash


Our closed group therapy sessions usually run for 12 weeks with up to eight women (the same women) meeting together with a therapist.

Sometimes being a part of a group can work better than individual therapy. So, we offer Women only group therapy sessions with no more than 8 members per group, lasting 90 minutes each session. In these sessions you get to open up about the things you are going through amongst other women who also want a safe space to explore and share their experiences in a warm and supportive way.


From £25 Per Session/Week


We offer personal development and theme-based workshops on a range of topics chosen to inform, stimulate, challenge and inspire. The workshops will give attendees the opportunity to explore and clarify the topic of interest through a blend of teaching and experiential work – including practical exercises, information sharing and discussion


From £30


We work with with families to resolve issues through encouraging conversation and to helping with communicating better with each other.  Issues which might be explored may relate to one incident or a repeated pattern of behaviour.  We take a closer look at the thoughts of all family members and the aim is to clarify what the problems are and then focus on solutions. This support can help with self-reflection for the individuals and increase self-awareness of their family’s stage in its life cycle


From £40


Walk & Talk Therapy

"A walk in nature walks the soul back home."

The Yakira Centre  believes nature is intrinsically good for the mind, whether people are troubled or not, but especially when they are struggling with things. It’s amazing how many problems can be solved through the combination of nature, motion, and human connection.



From £35

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